Our school uniform shop is located offsite at Fully Promoted Mandurah.

All school uniform items are available instore.

School Lunches

Student lunch orders are supplied by Park Road Lunch Bar

At North Mandurah Primary School we promote a healthy lifestyle. Students are encouraged to choose healthy lunchbox options and to not bring soft drinks or energy drinks to school.

Park Road Lunch Bar and North Mandurah Primary School complies with the WA Department of Education Healthy Food & Drink Policy – Traffic Light System.

Please Note:

All orders are to be placed in class lunch bags no later than 9.00am.

You can obtain lunch order bags from the office or class teacher to take home to fill in.

Due to health regulations we cannot heat food brought from home.

Some items are gluten free or vegetarian.

If you have any special dietary requirements, please feel free to discuss with the canteen staff.

Credit cannot be given.

To place an order or to discuss the menu, please contact Park Road Lunch Bar on 9586 2688.

WA Department of Education Healthy Food & Drink Policy – Traffic Light System:

Foods such as nuggets and burgers need to have a minimum of 3 vegetables or salad to be on the menu every day.

Amber savoury products such as hot dogs and pastry items cannot be offered more than two days per week.

All our sandwiches, wraps, subs etc are prepared fresh each day.


We have negotiated competitive prices for the materials on the lists below but you are not obliged to use our supplier. Please note, it may be necessary to replace some items such as pencils and glue throughout the year.

Specialised Learning Program - Autism