Art Program

Students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 participate in a specialised art program. Art lessons are 60 minutes in duration once per week and are conducted by a specialist teacher.

Science Program

Students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 participate in an interactive and engaging Science program with our specialist Science teacher.

Students delve into the world of scientific investigation and inquiry in our well-equipped Science Room.

LOTE Program

Students from Year 2 to 6 immerse themselves in the Japanese culture when they participate in our specialist Japanese program.

Students attend one sixty minute Japanese lesson with our experienced Japanese teacher. This program involves the reading, writing and speaking of the language as well as studying Japanese culture and customs.

Physical Education Program

All classes have a specialist physical education session of 60 minutes each week, where phys-ed skills are taught.

The sports program gives students the opportunity to represent the school in AFL, netball, soccer, hockey, volleyball, cross country, swimming, rugby and athletics.

Students are also encouraged to participate in extra activities such as Runners Club, boy’s and girl’s footy focus and cricket programs.

Let’s Decode

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Spelling Mastery

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Prime Maths

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Cars Stars

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